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  Weather in Lebanon
Lebanon Map Lebanon Weather

Lebanon has got a moderate Mediterranean climate with 4 seasons: Warm Spring(15-25°C), Hot Summer(20-32°C), Cool Fall(15-25°C) and Cold Winter (5-18°C).

Lebanon has a special Spring(April-June). Nature comes alive, New life, nesting, burgeoning buds, the start of the breeding season and the first glimpses of colored wildflowers are guaranteed to give you a fresh season.

Summer(June-September) is best for sun worshippers and water enthusiasts, with temperatures along the coast ranging from 20-32°C (68-90°F). Clear skies and rare rain are perfect for outdoor hiking and seaside fun. While you can get a cooler weather at the mountains. You can also enjoy the grape vineyards and discover the Bekaa wineries.

Fall(October-November) brings crisp, cool weather to the mountains, while remaining pleasantly warm on the coast and in the South. Fall is a good time for apple picking in the North and viewing the harvesting of olives and machinations of olive presses all over the country.

Winter(December to mid-March) is the time for outdoor winter sports, with six ski resorts and kilometers of cross-country skiing and snowshoe trails to be explored.

Fall and winter can be the ideal time to visit Lebanon's historical attractions and ruins while avoiding crowds and hot weather visiting the majestic ruins of Sour (Tyre) or Baalbek, feeling almost transported to the ancient days of the Phoenicians or Romans.

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