Bcharreh (Arabic: بْشَرِّيْ‎), is a town at an altitude of about 1,450 m (4,760 ft) in the Kadisha Valley in northern Lebanon. It is located in the North of Lebanon.

Bsharri is the town of the only remaining (preserved) Original Cedars of Lebanon(Cedrus libani), and is the birthplace of the famous poet, painter and sculptor Gibran Khalil Gibran who now has a museum in the town to honor him.


the town is located in a highly touristic zone including such attractions as the Khalil Gibran Tomb and Museum, Qadisha Valley where Father Antonios Torbey lived as a hermite in the Hermitage of St. Lichaa down in the valley; the Qadisha Grotto, the Cedars of God forest, a ski resort and Bka'kafra (the birthplace of St Charbel).