the Sanctuary of our Lady of Lebanon is situated on a hill called Harissa, at 26 km from Beirut, with the best view of the Jounieh bay. The Chapel has been inaugurated by the Patriarch Elias Houayek on the first Sunday of may 1908 , 54 years after the recognition of the virgin as immaculated conception by the Pope Pio IX in 1854. The statue of Our Lady of Lebanon is made of Bronze by a French sculptor Durennes from Lyon, it weighs 15 tons, 8.5 m length with a diameter of 5.5m. It's a must to go on the top of the stairs where you have a magnificent panorama.


The sanctuary of Harissa (Our Lady of Lebanon ) is one of the most visited sites in Lebanon. On May 10, 1997, Pope John Paul II visited Harissa.

Don't forget to take the Cabin lifts from Maameltein where you experience a nice ride of the Lebanese mountain !